Hi there, Iā€™m Paco! šŸ‘‹.

  • šŸŽ“ I am a PhD candidate at the Universidad de Granada under the supervision of professors L.J. Herrera and Ignacio Rojas.
  • šŸ§¬ My main area of research is the use of machine learning techniques to biomedical data. Working on the integration of different sources of information for cancer.
  • šŸ’» Before starting my PhD, I worked as a Data Scientist and Backend Engineer at an e-Health startup.
  • I ā¤ļø Python.
  • šŸŒ You can find my academic work here: ResearchGate, Google Scholar.
  • šŸ¦ Contact me by email(carrilloperezfrancisco@gmail.com, franciscocp@ugr.es)!