Francisco Carrillo-Perez

Computer engineering student, deep learning, machine learning and data mining. e-Health products

Spain (Granada)


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Journal papers

Maria M. Perez, Razvan Ghinea, Luis Javier Herrera,F. Carrillo, Ana M. Ionescu, Rade D. Paravina. Color difference thresholds for computer-simulated human Gingiva. Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, 2018, vol. 30, no 2, p. E24-E30.

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Pérez, M.M, Herrera, L.J., Carrillo, F., Pecho, Oscar, Dudea, Diana, Gasparik, Cristina, Ghinea, Razvan, Della Bona, Alvaro. Whiteness difference thresholds in dentistry. Dental Materials, 2018, vol. 35, no 2, p. 292-297.

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Conference papers

Carrillo-Perez, F., Herrera, L.J., Carceller, J.M., Guillén, A. Improving Classification of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Using Spacial Locality by means of a Convolutional DNNs, International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, Gran Canaria, 2019

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Carrillo-Perez, F., Guillén, A., Herrera, L.J. Convolutional neural networks for alzheimer disease classification from 2D brain MRI images, Journée Internationale sur les Radiations Electromagnétiques et leur Impact sur l’Environnement, Tétouan, 2018

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Carrillo-Perez, F., Damas, M., Banos, O., Diaz-Reyes, I., Soto-Hermoso, V.M., Molina-Molina, A. A novel automated algorithm for computing Lumbar Flexion Test ratios enhancing athletes objective assessment of Low Back Pain, 6th International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support, Sevilla, 2018

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